Best Portable Generator Review

If you’re looking for the best portable generator, use my independent review & buying tips to help you choose the right one. I’ll share my pro tips to help you find the perfect sized portable generator for you & your budget.  

Or you can take a look at my #1 top all-around portable generator for 5: the Duromax XP4400 available .

The size & price of your new generator will be largely determined by the wattage requirements of the appliances, tools, lights, devices, etc., you plan to hook up to your portable generator. You don't want to buy one that's too small or too big. Read on to learn what size is right for you:

5 Best Generator Choice for  computers, camping, boating, tailgating, etc

Yamaha EF2000iS

Lightweight, powerful & quiet, this Yamaha EF2000iS inverter generator is perfect for computers, camping, boating, tailgating, etc. It offers 2,000 max watts, only weighs 44 lbs, runs for 10 1/2 hours without a refill and it has a handy built-in handle. It will even safely power sensitive cell phone & TV's and is CARB  complaint!

Top All-Around Home Portable Generator for 5

Duromax XP4400

This Duromax XP4400 is my top choice for temporary back-up power unit - with an economical price. It will give you 4,400 max watts, has a 6.5 HP engine, electric start and you'll get about 8 hours of running time on a tank of gas. It weighs 122 lbs, is easy to move - and I love the Never Flat tires! 

#1 Best Whole House Portable Generator in 5

Duromax Duel Fuel XP10000EH

I recommend this monster Dual Fuel Duromax XP10000EH to power up all of your home's important systems, including heat/ central AC, with 10,000 max watts. You can run this heavy duty Duromax with gas or your extra grill propane tanks. Handy! It has a quality 18HP engine, easy key start and weighs 265 lbs.

Want an easy-to-carry generator for outdoor adventures like camping, tailgating or boating? You need an inverter generator that's about 2,000 maximum rated watts. With an inverter generator, you'll get excellent power, portability, quiet operation and clean energy that's safe enough to charge sensitive electronic devices like cellphones & computers.

And you'll want to check out my #1 top pick inverter generator for 5: the Yamaha EF2000iS that's available . It's ideal for camping, boating and tailgating. It only weighs 44lbs, so anyone can carry it, but it also packs an OHV 4 stroke gas engine that delivers 2,000 max watts. (I love the built-in handle design - genius.) And the clean energy it provides is safe enough to charge cellphones, computers, etc.

It's super quiet too! It's as quiet as 51.5 dBA (decibels) - which you can compare to a riding mower that's about 100+ dBA. It's CARB complaint which means the emissions are cleaner. And I really want to point out that it has an outstanding 2 year warranty - which is one of the best warranties on the market!

You can check Amazon's great price on this Yamaha EF2000iS generator.

Need a portable generator for your RV, or to power some appliances in your home during a power outage? Then you'll want a model with 3,000 to 5,000 max watts. This size generator is the right size to provide electricity to your RV air conditioner, lights, etc. Or to power necessary appliances or lights during a utility power outage at your home.

And I really recommend that you check out the DuroMax XP4400 portable generator . It's my 5 top pick for a quality generator between 3,000 - 5,000 max watts - at the right price.

The DuroMax XP4400 is perfectly sized & powered for RV trips and temporary power outages at your home. You'll get 4,400 max watts with a 6.5 HP air cooled OHV gas engine. It weighs 122 lbs, but with the 2 wheel kit, that's included, it still moves smoothly. The Duromax has an easy electric start and the 4 gallon tank should last you about 8 hours of generous run time.

One thing I really recommend about this DuroMax is the "Never Flat Wheels". No more flats. And if you've ever tried to move a generator with a flat tire - you know how great these Never Flat Wheels really are.

And you can check out Amazon's great price, and other reviews on the DuroMax XP4400.

Do you need to power most, if not all, of your home appliances & systems during a power outage? If having large appliances, air conditioning, computers, lights and a sump pump working at all times is important to you, then you'll want to think about a large portable generator with 9,000 to 10,000 maximum watts.

For maximum comfort and reliability in your home in 5, I highly recommend the DuroMax XP10000EH Dual Fuel generator ! You'll get a whopping 10,000 max watts of power that'll power just about everything in an average sized home. And you have to love the 18HP dual fuel engine that you can run on either gas or propane. Got an extra propane tank from your BBQ grill? You're good to go!

There are so many great things to say about this DuroMax generator: you can switch from gas or propane fuel in only a few seconds, there's an easy key-starting switch & a pull start and the quality engine has steel bearings for long life. It weighs in at 265lbs. And I love their Never Flat tires - you'll never have the hassle of trying to move a generator with a flat tire.

What's also amazing is that this DuroMax XP10000EH is surprisingly quiet for it's power/size. The noise rating is 72 dBA (decibels) from 7 meters - compare that to 100 dBA from the average lawn mower.

And don't forget to read other reviews & check prices on this great DuroMax duel fuel generator !

You can find the wattage needs of any appliance or tools on the service plate that’s usually placed near the base of the plug. Just add up the wattage of anything you’ll want to run off your generator

Best Portable Generator Wattage Ratings

And all the best portable generators list two wattage capacities: surge (maximum) wattage and rated wattage.

The surge or maximum wattage indicates the amount of power that a generator is able to provide for a short time. Like the temporary surge of power that an electrical motor needs to start up. (As you probably know, electrical motors need more power to start up and less power to run.)

The rated wattage is the amount of continuous power a generator can give you over a long period of time.

Also, you’ll want to think about a few portable generator features or options:

Some portable units are light enough to carry like a suitcase and some of them have built in handles. They’re great. But, if you need more power, you might want to look at generators with wheel kits. It’s so much easier to roll your generator where it needs to go, rather than carry it.

And you’ll see some models with a smart feature that turns off the engine when the oil is low. It’ll keep you from burning up your generator by accident.

And you’ll see that some models offer stable, consistent power, without large peaks or valleys, that’s safe for computers and other electronics.

And always remember: generators emit carbon monoxide and should never, ever be used indoors! Not even in a garage that has the doors open provides enough safe ventilation.  They should only be used outdoors with a 5ft clearance all around.

Now you’re ready to shop for the best portable generator!

My #1 All-Around Generator Choice for 5:

DuroMax XP4400

My Top Inverter Generator Pick for 5:

Yamaha EF2000iS

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